Whether you need a babysitter for just one night out without the kids during your vacation, or you would like an extra set of hands for your entire stay, Baja Babysitting is here and ready to serve you and your family whatever your needs may be.

Your options in beautiful Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are endless, unfortunately your time in Los Cabos is not endless and vacations don’t come around often enough. Let Baja Babysitting help your family make the most of your time in Mexico.

Baja Babysitting

Is a professional service that was created specifically to cater to English speaking tourists here in the resorts, residences and private homes of Los Cabos.

We Offer

The opportunity to book one of our highly qualified sitters. Your family really can have it all – sun, family fun, relaxation and new experiences.

With Us

You will have peace of mind knowing your children are safe and entertained with our experienced sitters while you enjoy some well-deserved adult time because we know not all activities in Los Cabos are ideal for kids and some of the fun goes on way past bedtime.


Hello! My name is Diana Oropeza – owner of Baja Babysitting.  All my life I’ve been involved with childcare, and I love taking care of kids.

I started working for Baja Babysitting in 2012. Since then I became very devoted to my job. After a couple years I bought the company from the founder, my good friend and mentor, Gillian.

For us in Baja Babysitting being part of family’s vacations is something really meaningful. We care about seeing the smiles in the kids and parents, we care about the safety and the fun. We want the kids to learn something during their vacations and leave a positive impact in every single kid, parent, and family we meet.

I believe Baja Babysitting is like no other company, we do everything with our heart and soul. Every single person in our team is unique and special. Thanks to them, Baja Babysitting is the number one childcare company in Los Cabos.

I’m grateful for being part of Baja Babysitting and thankful to my team of sitters and of all our clients.


Baja Babysitting is at your service 24/7 for infants as young as 3-months and children as old as 14 year old.  Our sitters are available for as many hours as you need, our team have helped families as an extra set of hands on day trips and shore excursions and have also been helpers at weddings, parties and other events. Baja Babysitting is here so you can go off with friends and family during the day or stay as late as you want. All sitters are experienced and comfortable in the water and always bring their bathing suits to entertain the little ones in the pool.

Hourly Rates

Each session requires a four hour minimum.

1 or 2 Children

$20 USD per hour.

3 or 4 Children

$25 USD per hour.

4 + Children

Requires an additional babysitter.


All of our sitters are First Aid and CPR certified, fluent in English, and have extensive experience caring for children of all ages as well as children with special needs.

To book with Baja Babysitting, simply click on the button below to fill out the reservation form. Once your reservation form has been received we will contact you to confirm availability for the dates & times you have requested.

It is never too early to make your reservation as we keep our team small for quality reasons. If your vacation is still a ways away and you are unsure about your schedule, contact us with your vacation dates and we will work with you on specifics as your vacation gets closer.  Of course, subject to availability.


How do you qualify your babysitters?

All of our babysitters undergo a strict screening process. They must provide verifiable child care experience, two personal and two work references, pass an extensive interview and hold a current First Aid and CPR certification.  Upon booking you will receive a sitter profile including references with contact information.

Can I meet the sitter early to spend some time with my children before I leave them?

On her first visit your babysitter will arrive 15 minutes early, free of charge, to spend some time with your children while you are still there and to allow time for any instructions (feeding, potty-training, bedtime routines, etc.)

Can the sitter go in the pool with my children?

Our sitters are all experienced swimmers, they will always have their bathing suits with them, awill be happy to join your children in the pool with your permission.

How can I check in with the sitter?

We have found with many families that communication is very limited and difficult with their cell phones from home while they are in Los Cabos. For this reason, we started providing local cell phones so that you, the parents, can keep in constant communication with your sitter no matter where you are, with zero problems. Upon booking this service will be discussed.

Is there a minimum number of hours?

Yes, there is a 4 hour minimum at each visit. If you use the sitter for less than 4 hours you are still required to pay the minimum. Note: There are no penalties for certain hours – our sitters are available 24/7.  We understand this is your vacation and we feel you should not be held to a schedule. With this said, generally or unless specified otherwise, once the sitter is there feel free to stay out as long as you would like.

Do your babysitters speak English?

Yes, all team members are native English speakers or are fluent in English.

Am I responsible to provide meals or transportation for the sitter?

All sitters provide their own transportation to and from each job. With that said, there are no additional for transportation fees. If your sitter is working more than 8 hours families are responsible of offering meals and water to our sitters.

Why can’t the sitter go into the ocean with my children?

The ocean is unpredictable with waves, heavy currents, coral and rocks. The ocean can be very dangerous for children, especially those who are not used to swimming in the open ocean all the time.

Is it customary to tip the sitter?

Our sitters work in the service industry, and gratuity is not included. Tips vary widely so a tip based on the quality of service you felt you received is usually a good way to decide.

What type of payment do you accept?

We prefer US dollars at the end of each service, but we also accept Paypal payments or wire transfers (fees apply).


Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you would like to know more about our company, our sitters, or have any questions before booking! Email is the best way to reach us and we will get back to you very soon after to arrange a time to speak over the phone or to complete your booking.

Email: bajababysitting@gmail.com

Local Phone: (624) 157-7016

Toll-Free: 01-800-443-1744